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Albert Alschuler

A Alschuler

Albert Alschuler is professor at the University of Chicago law school, concentrating much of his work in criminal law. In addition, he has developed a deep interest in American legal theory in the 20th century.

Of special interest for this conference, Prof. Alschuler has written a highly acclaimed biography of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Law without Values: the Life, Work, and Legacy of Justice Holmes (2000). Prof. Alschuler discovered in the work of Holmes something different from what others have said of him. In an interview at The University of Chicago Chronicle, he says: "Law students are taught that Holmes led a revolt against formalism at the beginning of the 20th century. I agree that there was an intellectual revolution at that time, but it was not a revolt against formalism. It was a revolt against natural law--the long-held belief that some things could be truly right or wrong "

In short, Prof. Alschuler illuminates how American legal scholars and practitioners have contributed to the secularization that has overwhelmed colleges and universities.